The cracking should go away with the proper connector attached and I assume the volume can be turned down further through software. If I switch them back to my old pc they work fine. And guess what…they work fine! But it said it was too large. Hi all, I am a newbie.

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There is a tick-box te enable digital audio which may or may not be a8n5x audio already. Test the light green output with some headphones or something. Thank you guys for all your help.

And guess what…they work fine! Keep them clear until you have sound at the back. Everything else was a8n5x audio.

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The front panel a8n5x audio is the one bundled a8n5x audio with hd led, reset and power, right? The speaker connections are colour coded. You a85nx try to download the latest drivers from ASUS website. I went right to BIOS version as well as all the other current versions of the sound drivers, the nVidia drivers and utilities. Did you see adio exclamation or question marks while in Device Manager?


This would a8n5x audio not correctly installed devices possibly your sound device.

audiio I have gone over all the speaker connections and configurations multiple times and am confident they are correct. Very loud and kinda cracky, but they work. a8n5x audio

A8N5X – Fron Audio Ports

Please feel free to move this to an appropriate forum. Depends on whether you like the speakers, I suppose.

Was I supposed to attach anything to the aux. Apparently the other plug is shorter. Aueio is a screenshot of device manager: Hi all, I a8n5x audio a newbie.


Got any other thoughts? Welcome to the forum, Shine. Forget about Front audio a8n5x audio for now until you get sound working, at least. Green is the Line-out for your front speakers.

I was reading over the a8n5x audio manual. Wow, you have digital speakers! I tried to do the realtek connector sensing.

Was there a a8n5x audio, other than the pc speaker wire from the case to the motherboard, that I missed. Give us a few screenshots maybe audio device in Device Manager and Sound Mixer settings… to see if everything looks alright. I just built the same MB in a system and had no trouble. Here is the stupid question.


I hope A8n5x audio did it right.

Everything a8n5s well until I hooked up the speakers from my old pc. Then save as a. I a8n5x audio finished building my first pc. It looks like I have to have ActiveX to download the latest drivers, true?