One thing to keep in mind is that stepper motors at least with low end drivers are really made for very fine position accuracy, not speed. Is the capable of handling more Amps? If so , How can I exchange the ones I just bought for the better ones? We do not charge a packaging or handling fee for this service, and you will receive an email when your order has been processed, you can collect half an hour after receipt of this email. Basically, We need to find ends of the two coils. This driver only needs 4 wires from your stepper.

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Although this board should be able to bg most systems without active cooling while operating at 1. The driver will take over powering the motor for you.

We’ll get back to you within a business day. And if you get it wrong, the motor will just twitch or not move, but you wont break it. Customer Reviews No reviews yet. They are perfect for automation or any time you need a motor to turn to a specific point, at a specific speed, in a specific direction. Bi-polar Microstepping Driver 1. For the arduino code for the driver, im going to be using AccelStepper Library. This will allow the motor to spin faster than if powered at a lower voltage.


Most stepper drivers offer something called microstepping, and the Big Easy Blldr is no exception.

Too high, and you could burn the motor up, too low, you wont get all the power out of your motor. Nig fact, a good deal of the pins are actually just duplicates that are spaced out differently.

Page 5 of 6 Added to your cart! Steppers have a minimum amount they can move known as a step. So each coil actually has 3 wires, a center and two ends. Exactly why this is is pretty complex, but if you want to know more about it, you should really read this: International orders can only be shipped to the registered card address.

I highly recommend you download the full library from the author. It is best to power the driver with the highest voltage you can up to 35V max for this driver. You can find the recommended heatsink in the related items below.

The motor has 2 ohm windings, with 1.

Big Easy Driver – ROB – SparkFun Electronics

SparkFun Recommended Stepper Motor – 68 oz. But no matter what, we need to find the 2 main coils inside of the motor.


As the motor runs, it moves along th…. Note that a photo of your hardware is not suitable. If you spend between 40 and 48 – Then you can tell it to go home, and it will go back 10, steps to 0.

Big Easy “but it aint”

Thanks for your message! It is just here because I believe if you post code, you should post everything you need to make it work. Both of those boards use the same driver chip, the A In addition to all bildg features of the previous board, the Uno now uses an ATmega16U2 instead…. Big Easy “but it aint”.

Big Easy Driver

Is the capable of handling more Amps? Controlling them can get tricky at first, so today we are doing an article on using the Big EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver.

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