Speed selects the Nvidia GeForce controller. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. May 3, at Will it be OK to skip the slipstream process you mentioned in step 3? This installs the Nvidia GeForce Go driver. This is where the issue got its name from.

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Driver download

Look at the mass of missing drivers man. If you like this post, you can read about how I got Windows 3. It might be better to disconnect your Win7 hard 88e8036 during the XP installation process as the XP installer might corrupt the Win 7 wnixp. So it is better to let GParted handle the partition creation.

April 1, at No license, no installation as simple as that. Just download the ISO image and boot from it.

So I have come to the end of my post. Any kind of respond would be greatly appreciated. The XP installer should now treat your hard disk controller as if it has recognised it from the day the image was made. This was a common problem even during the heydays of Windows XP.

Marvell Yukon Lan Driver for Windows XP 32bit Driver – TechSpot

If you ignore this, you will still get another chance later. I checked my two Hard Disks installed in my computer from Win7 Disk Management, and it show that both of the hard disks are in MBR partition style in 888e036 volume tab. In this case, it is better not to modify your existing BIOS settings.


Here is my recommended list whose latest versions still support Windows XP as of time of writing. Windows XP also happens to be the last OS I believe to have its installation interface seem like a DOS-lookalike text-based installers of its predecessors.

This window indicates your Setup process is coming to an end. One of the first software you should install is a modern web browser. Your BIOS settings must take care of these limitations.

The problem

Do you have any clues how to solve this? And we are almost done!

Setup the Internet connection on the just installed ethernet, install Antivirus software and update the installed Windows via Microsoft Windows Update. SATA AHCI, then there is no chance for chipsrt to do the same on a real machine as there basically must be something wrong concerning software sources or procedures.

July 20, at Before running the installer set the “Wireless” slide switch on the Vaio to on. Remember that in an MBR layout, you can have at most 4 primary partitions. It is some kind of temperature sensor.

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Before I might dare to try this on a real machine, I tested it on a virtual one — and failed!? I accidently find your page when I browse in the internet in searching on how to install Win XP to a second wknxp disk in my computer where my first hard disk already has Windows 7 64 bit. It is the Royale Noir theme, a unique Microsoft-signed theme that was not released initially.

Even better still, some BIOS allow you to dynamically select the boot order at bootup by pressing a hotkey like F As Algoaccess is a startup of less than 5 years, we enrolled into Bizspark which gives us 3 years of free access to Microsoft software.

We shall use a partitioning tool called GParted to do the job.

Download Intel® Chipset Device Software for Windows XP* for Discontinued Intel® NUC Products

How do we solve this? Thankfully, a Google search brought a lifesaver. Make sure to disable UEFI booting. Take your normal retail or don’t know what Windows XP installation disk, boot it and start the normal Windows installation.