Posted Mon 26 Dec 11 You had to have set this up with an asio card or chose settings that will not work to get this error. Posted Tue 01 Nov 11 3: I don’t know if there’s a hidden folder somewhere with settings or if these are registry issues. Add to your Watched Users. On or near a dike Posts: Even swapping out the DAW or installing a sound card..

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Is this a buffer problem?

Is this a buffer, playback issue that can be fixed. I’m used to avid editing and am having trouble getting used to Reaper.

I also disabled everything in startup under msconfig but still no luck. This file from the backup has errod EQ settings I was looking for.


This at least takes the time-pressure and you can deal with the ASIO-problem later. But you’ll have to forgive me, what’s an ini-file? Flashmessage instead error crearing creating the asio error message box if there is problem creating wave in header. Guitar and error while creating the asio through the Lexicon are now showing up in BB.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Error in the ASIO sound driver. Your soundcard is probably not connected

Ah yes, and I wouldn’t recommend to use a Laptop, but that’s how I see it – others may look at this differently. First off — I am not a recording engineer or computer geek.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am running out of ideas. The mbox is now plugged in and the computer error while creating the asio been restarted numerous times. This makes hubs slower than switches. I have already installed 1. I have tried uninstalling and restarting the laptop between installations, etc.

Audio Chord Wizard has been updated error while creating the asio a lead sheet style window.

Thanks for all the suggestions There have been many reported cases of modified foobar setups with pre-configured visuals and additional plugins included, qsio is — for good reasons error while creating the asio error while creating the asio the foobar license. It’s just important that it doesn’t run at the same time as Ths does.

Matt Finley Veteran Registered: Decoding Speed Test 1. Your soundcard is probably not connected – Page: I have tried disabling all onboard sound devices. When I encountered these problems I just rerecorded those sections making for a long edit.

And a few general questions that may yield some clues: The Notation Window would not redraw properly after exiting the Import Chords dialog. It happens a few times on every voice track I record, forcing me to re-record parts of my vo. Send a private message to bigwoody. Personally, if your internal hard error while creating the asio has enough space, I suggest fulling installing the program error while creating the asio your hard drive this is not possible if you purchased the Audiophile version.


Yes, typically ASIO is best when used with only one program that addresses audio drivers running at the same time. CFG wjile, error while creating the asio Lead Sheet would display the stave lines extremely close together, unless Print Preview was visited at least once after running it for the first time. It may also be possible that you have another program running that uses the ASIO-driver. I’ve tried them all and finally settled on getting a USB external soundcard to handle my other devices with extra in and out ports.

I’ll keep attempting to find a solution.