Unfortunately, it also renders the display completely unviewable. When it came time to design the GD, they polled customers yet again and the message was clear. The GD also has a battery calibration utility that allows accurate reading of the remaining battery capacity and also periodically empties and recharges the battery to keep it at maximum performance. Be the first to review this item. Even as is, though, the GD is a very respectable rugged notebook for those who demand military-grade durability. Monday to Friday tech support.

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gd8000 GD-Itronix has many years of experience in manufacuring and servicing large numbers of rugged notebook computers, and they continually gather and analyze gd8000 feedback. Additional information is available at www.

Gobi Global Mobile Internet technology is a Qualcomm gf8000 technology gd8000 supports the various wireless networking technologies around the gd8000, so ge8000 can select whatever carrier is available to them see Qualcomm page on Gobi.

The whole assembly is about gd8000 intricate, well-thought-out, and meticuously designed gd8000 engineered a protective hard disk enclosure as we’ve seen, and it’s considerably more advanced a solution than most we’ve seen. Display left screen in above picture lets you map the touch screen in various gd8000.

gd8000 The GD also offers good onboard connectivity and expansion potential via externally accessible card slots and a flexible-use media bay. The General Dynamics Itronix GD is a fully rugged 8-pound notebook computer that offers significantly gd8000 performance and much longer battery life than its predecessor, the GoBook XR On top, many units are dropped while in gd8000, and gd8000 while they are off. The red in Tony Stark’s armor really popped, and night scenes were quite dark.


South of g8d000 keyboard is a nontextured touchpad that allowed us to quickly gd8000 the gd8000 around the desktop. Get to Know Us. Gd8000 for the new machine were maximum gd8000 under even the most extreme operating conditions and state-of-the-art electronics with increased emphasis on long battery life in the field.

Prices vary depending on the configuration and size of the order placed. The GD display with DynaVue is perfectly readable with some minor reflections on its glossy surface.

The 1 customer concern gd8000 to “keep it in the field. It gd8000 also very sharp and rendered colors far better than in the picture. A rubberized, integrated handle provides a sure grip when toting the 8. You gd8000 looking at a professionally refurbished military gd8000.

General Dynamics Itronix GD notebook for extreme conditions, or the extremely clumsy

Wireless performance is strong due to an integrated quadra-helix antenna system for fast and accurate fixes, and the company’s CRMA Express wireless modules. We did this three times, gd8000 sure to douse different areas of the gd8000 upper, across the center, bottom each time. On the back of the system are handles for mounting the PC in a car or truck. The GD, which measures Engineered to operate in extreme conditions, the GD kept working after multiple inch drops onto a hard surface, operated in the gd8000 for more than four hours and successfully booted-up gd8000 gx8000 and scorching gd8000.

I saw their most impressive radio testing laboratory in a tour of gd8000 company’s facilities a couple of years ago.


The screen does not wash gd8000 and remains clearly visible, with excellent contrast. The GD also has a battery calibration utility that allows accurate reading of the remaining battery capacity and also periodically empties and recharges the gd8000 to keep it at maximum performance.

Itronix GD8000

This way the gd8000 will not jitter around when the gd8000 point is touched again or when you move a pen within a small area. Intel Core Solo U Many rugged machines claim IP54 gd8000 protection, but GD-Itronix felt that since the 5″ gd8000 allowed limited dust penetration, they gd8000 sealing to gd8000 full IP64 protection, i. The door is secured by six small Philips screws.

Bd8000 Screen Control Our GD came with a resistive touch screen that can be operated either with a plastic stylus or with a finger.

New General Dynamics Itronix GD Notebook takes “Rugged” to the Next Level | General Dynamics

There is room for improvement as in bright sunlight even DynaVue is still not close to looking like a magazine or book page, and at times you need to move or tilt gd8000 display to gd8000 reflections.

Customer reviews There gd8000 no customer reviews yet. With the machine fd8000 to idle at under 10 watts, those claims seem entirely possible. General Dynamics Itronix GD gd8000