That peice of hardware is packed with technology. Well after reading through this thread I would like to chime in and give my thoughts. I was exactly talking about a trade in, but at a price that makes sense and allows us to continue to give support, libraries etc. Paul, Thank you for the feed back on the new Universal box. Maybe it’s time to investigate developing a USB interface that is able to have the onboard firmware updated itself so that we would never have the need to do any trade in’s or trade up’s anymore. Software Free Download Soft LJ IS working on my new Windows 7 laptop.

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I am good friends with the martn of the company and we have discussions about this topic a lot. And XP as an OS is stable.

But I don’t know if they lighfjockey work on a 64 bit system when the new drivers come out. New 64 bit driver posted. With light jockey as you all put you are paying for the software rights, service and the updates. I’m trying to follow Paul’s link: Hmmm i might be putting a little oil on a slumbering fire: How to uninstall Lightjockey 2?

All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. That’s why Matthias asked the question about the fair price ranges that you the customer is willing to pay for the the ‘upgrade’.


Last update 19 Jul. LJ is one of the most expensive PC systems around, and I for one expect to be able to use it until DMX is replaced with some other communication protocol. Make sure you are using the right version of LJ for your hardware. So happy now as the new USB driver now works on my windows 7 64bit home edition.

Extremely accurate visually and easy to understand, the simulator allows you to create virtual visualizations offsite. Personally, I welcomed Windows 7 and it’s new capabilities. For pricing well as nothing is decided yet, so the price has been fix yet but don’t expect to be as low as you mention, and don’t slam me here I’m just being realistic.

It’s a tricky situation at best. Yes – it is actually an upgrade in my opinion! But dudes, don’t be ashamed to ask for some help with writing a bit driver for the old dongles.


Have you tried to run LJ in XP mode? Anyone want a LJ2 interface? My guess is, that Martin has decided to give away LJ for “free” ie. My 1x universe is all I have, and all I need, with no forseeable need for more in the future.


Kris VH Posts. My primary use of my system is an AV entertainment system. Power and network cable. What driver version are you installing? And yes I had to call my customer and get approval to spend more money after the fact. They have been working days, nights, weekends and vacations, and guys like these actually costs money.

Download Lightjockey 2

Just to confirm, you are using Win7 64bit Home Edition? Sunlight just drove me nuts trying to get it happening and I uninstalled it Windiws is powerful but you seem to need a degree is something special to use it.

Believe me when i say that the support Martin offer is well above what other organization offer. There is a bit more to the iphone than what is in your hardware widows I always keep a back up unit, just in case. Personally, I’m not discussing a trade in program. By choice, I do just one or 2 shows a year now.