Promise Submit a new result for this product. Do you have any other HD’s in your system on the on board ide controllers? Stick the drive back on the original controller and reboot. Should I disable that? I remember fiddling with that for a while until it magically worked. Nov 14, Posts:

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BIN and the proper flash-software version 1. I have all my systems booting off Promise controllers, with my optical drives set as the master on the two onboard ide channels. Now cut pin 2 and pin 3, I used a scalpel but a small wirecutter should do the job as well.

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Subscribe to our mailing list. I bundeled the required for the floppy, download the zip here.

Install the Promise card in a free slot without a drive attached, boot into windows and load the drivers. Step 3; adding 2 resistors It appears to be required for some drivers, so promise ultra 100 tx2 controller card just add these resistors, it is not always required though – it’s up to you what you want – I choose to add them. Something interesting I noticed — when trying to install Win2k with the HDD on the Promise card, I hit F6 to specify the additional driver, and it read the floppy disk but only gave me options for the WinXP drivers.


I’ce always done that way since don’t have a promise ultra 100 tx2 controller cardand windows NT4, and XP booted up fine every time. Promise Technology Ultra Tx2.

They used to have a problem hardware page, but it’s gone now. I have 1, and I had no such problems. Fri Apr 12, 1: This wasn’t a blue screen, just white text on a black backgound. Sorry if thats not all that helpful, but truthfully thats what I did.

Partitions that have not been removed before putting them in an array will cause confusion for both you and the partitioning software. Make sure the Ultra works OK. You might encounter problems with FDISK with large diskcapacity – Windows setup does not appear to have these problems.

You could try some of the steps outlined in this forum or in the NT forum, promise ultra 100 tx2 controller card you do a search, but even then you may be out of luck. Thats what I did the first time with no luck, I’m getting ready to try again.

Promise Technology Ultra100 Tx2 IDE PCI Card

New other see details. Jun 20, Posts: Went back into BIOS.


During this boot you will see the FastTrak BIOS flash by if no drives are connected to the controller or you will see a message similar to this one: Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. I installed it myself and i am having no problems. I had a similar problem and solved it by moving my Highpoint Raid card promise ultra 100 tx2 controller card pci slot 1 next to the AGP slot agp or the one closest to the cpu.

Internal Interfaces see all.

Power down once the system boots. I am getting an error on boot when the computer is trying to recognize the controller cards. Sep 14, Posts: Promise Shoes Filter Applied. Raid Level 0, 1, 0 1. Windows professional the not-server version supports RAID.

Went back into BIOS and played around with the PCI interrupts for the offboard controller options for each channel — disabled, hardwired, inta, intb, intc, intd. You May Also Like.