But now the last problem has to be solved: Already have done that Lillie that didn’t work: I don’t have sound in Cubase with Asio4All, the device manager inside does not recognize my speakers at all and I don’t know why. Alesis didn’t make a driver for it and recommended asio4all! By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. It’s all simple, man. Also, what OS are you using?

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Removing Steinberg’s Generic Low latency ASIO driver | Cakewalk Forums

I can only relay my personal experience which has been more than satisfactory. Does your headphone jack on your computer work when you use Asio4All? Thanks for the tips on removing the generic Steinberg driver. Originally Posted by stella Btw, why as a registered user of S1 producer I still don’t get the ‘new topic’ button on forums other than this one?

New Reply Thread Tools. It was easy enough to switch back to the official one for my interface though. The alesis io2 is invisible to the Steinberg asio driver; which is fine, as I’m trying to get rid of genericc. That’s what worked for me. I’ve had one of these and got rid of it quickly. To the other things said in the thread: Best Regards, Jim Roseberry jim studiocat.


I only really need Cubase for recording audio and for the chord pads function.

ZincTrumpet Max Output Level: Also, not to latncy to fine a point, but have you done a Google search for “Asio4all no sound”? Essentials Only Full Version. I don’t plan to record external instruments, this is just a home studio using VSTis, so I’m not sure I’ll gain that much by getting a good interface.

How to Use ASIO in Cubase

Got the Asio drivers working!! If seriously, I would never use Asio4All either, it’s too problematic. I have no options selected. So you got one genreic the only interfaces that doesn’t have it’s own drivers ART makes one as well.

I’ll say it again And we all including Steinberg know and strongly believe that professionals know everything, have no questions and don’t need any help. So maybe do some Googling and see what happens.

I think it depends on which one you have selected as your windows playback device.



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BTW, the reason I want that Steiberg asio interface is that it doesn’t lock audio! But I do believe you are trying to help and that’s ,atency good thing Steinbergs support involves sending them a support ticket with your My Steinberg account.

While this does not seem to be causing any conflicts with my Quad Capture drivers at the moment I rather get rid of it but there does not seem to be an uninstall option. Glyn Barnes Max Output Level: I have asio4all only in the dropdown list.