Configure the ping session by assigning the size and count of packet to send, and the time limit for a ping session to continue in milliseconds. Click Properties to display the properties of a selected printer. Launch the New Configuration Wizard by clicking File from the menu bar, then select New Configuration from the drop-down menu, or double-clicking the New Configuration icon on the Mobile Manager toolbar. Select the Hardware tab then click the Device Manager button. This line specifies the average signal level of the Basic Service Set to which the station is connected. Select a utility to display the help window.

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Do woan following to achieve better link quality and stronger signal: To ping a connection: Delete — Discards the selected configuration. The added gateway appears in the Default gateways list.

Use the same proxy server for all protocols — Specifies whether you want to use the same proxy server to gain access to the Internet using all protocols. This utility allows users to configure multiple alternative configurations for different locations. Check the Activate Configuration Now option to start using wl-167g usb wlan adapter created configuration. I can connect to an Access Point but I cannot connect to the Internet.


WLG V3 Driver & Tools | Networking | ASUS Global

Click to apply the changes made on sdapter Wireless Settings utility. Key Length allows you to choose a bit or a bit WEP key.

Select the Wl-167g usb wlan adapter Hoc mode to communicate directly with other mobile clients within the wireless LAN adapter range. Choose the type of configuration you want to create.

Specifies the average noise level of the Frequency Channel currently wp-167g for connection. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Internet settings A proxy server acts as a security barrier between your internal network Intranet and the Internet. You need to set up this utility once so you can easily switch configurations when you wl-167g usb wlan adapter your location.

ASUS WL-167g USB2.0 WLAN Adapter (key-type)

Follow these instructions to uninstall and re-install the driver. Sharing settings I want to set the default printer— Adatper you to select the default printer for printer sharing.

Network settings -Identification tab Computer name — Assign your computer a unique name of up to 15 characters. Select this option if your computer has an installed modem. AP indicates an Infrastructure network type.

ASUS WL-167g (4719543727218) Wireless Adapter

Follow the screens instructions to isb a configuration. Exceptions field Do not use proxy server for address beginning with — Type the Web addresses that do not need to be accessed through the proxy server. Wl-167g usb wlan adapter performance in real-world operating environments even in presence of other wl-167g usb wlan adapter LAN, Bluetooth TM devices and microwave oven interference.


Refer to the succeeding sections for details on these utilities and softwares. This field is optional. Select the type of network that you wish to use.

Edit menu commands appear when you right-click a configuration in the Mobile Manager window. To launch the Mobile Manager utility: Use this utility to determine the best placement of access wl-167g usb wlan adapter in a wireless network. This indicates the quality of communications within the current network. Repeat the process to add another gateway.

The Site Monitor survey message appears. List — Shows a list of available configurations.

CH – Direct sequence channel used by the network.